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About Control Dekk LLC


OASIS, by Control Dekk, sets a new standard by effectively controlling the basket’s weight to manage soil moisture. OASIS gives the grower confidence that the soil moisture is at the proper level, thus allowing him/her to focus on other plant needs and gain efficiency with other horticultural practices.

Discover a new and better way to grow high superior BASKETS with reduced LABOR and fewer RESOURCES.

SUPERIOR HANGING BASKETS The precise watering of OASIS can improve hanging plant quality and eliminate crop loss. In addition, precision watering of overhead baskets can eliminate the negative impact of the plants and floor below the basket watering area.

REDUCED GROWER LABOR OASIS weighing feature eliminates the need for growers to manually test basket weight. This greatly reduces the grower’s manual labor and allows the grower to focus on other areas of growing and/or to be responsible for more lines.

LESS WATER, CHEMICALS & ENERGY OASIS precise watering reduces the costs of water, treatment chemicals, fertilizers and growth regulators. In addition to these, there are cost reductions related to the energy and maintenance associated with the filtration and pumping of water.

OASIS Standard | OASIS Hybrid | OASIS Custom

Manage your basket soil moisture with OASIS by Control Dekk.

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