Bees, Pesticides, and Politics: Challenges and Opportunities for the Horticulture Industry

Mon. July 16| 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM | A223

In this session, we'll be discussing why populations of bees and other pollinators are declining, why it matters, and how the issue is creating new markets for diversifying landscapes with underutilized, pollinator-friendly plants. We'll also be covering best management practices for safeguarding bees from pesticides when treating lawns and landscapes for pests and research-based recommendations for "pollinator-friendly" native and non-native woody landscape plants. Finally, we'll discuss ways land care professionals and small business owners can better communicate with customers about these issues. This session is eligible for pesticide re-certification credits for OH, IN, NJ, MA, MD, FL, MI, CT,NH, WV, DC, TX, GA, WA, SC, CO, TN, NY, CA, KY, PA, VA, AZ and LA CES credits

Level: Fundamental

Type: Trends

Track: LA CES , Landscape, Pesticide Re-certification

Handout(s): Bees Pesticides and Politics 1, Bees Pesticides and Politics 2


Potter, Daniel

Potter, Daniel


University of Kentucky, Dept. of Entomology